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    Xe8472 v2.0.1 Plugin for Photoshop CC Free Download Overview

    Xe8472 is an Industry-First Color Constancy Technology for Professional Filmmakers and Photographers and processes digital imagery to appear as it would as seen through the human eye.

    Xe8472 v2.0.1 Plugin for Photoshop CC Free Download

    Features of Xe8472 v2.0.1 Plugin for Photoshop CC Free Download

    The Human Visual System
    The visual perception of humans is a highly complex process. What we ’see‘ is not a representation of technical optical data, it’s an interpretation of this data by the human brain. Any kind of optical illusions exploit this.

    Direct warm sunlight. The human skin and all objects also reflect the ambient light from the blue sky. The camera sees and records this. Even the latest generation of professional Cameras.
    The human brain however will compensate for this. What we (humans) actually experience is the same skin color that we would under varying lighting conditions. (within some limits)

    simulates these physiological and psychological processes inside the human brain.

    Technology in general is supposed to be smart. In this case, smart enough to acknowledge when the original data should not be altered.

    It is no challenge to invent algorithms that correct color shifts, the real challenge is to know if there is a visible color shift at all and to simulate how the human eye-brain would actually perceive it. And this is precisely what Xe8472 does.

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