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    Videohive Text Message Generator 21047947 Free Download Overview

    Easy to use dockable script UI that allows you to create any conversation without prior knowledge in After Effects and it’s always there, just 1 click away.

    NO Drag and Drop NO Keyframes NO Message Limitations NO Headaches

    All the animations are automatic. This includes bubble animation, scroll up/down animation. You control the time the conversation starts by easily adding the marker.

    Everything is responsive to any change.

    You will not get bubbles that overwrite themselves or anything similar.

    Easily add photos directly from the script from inside the dockable UI.

    An infinite number of messages.

    You don’t have a premade template of 3-5 messages.

    You can create as many messages as you want in any conversation.

    Most popular messaging apps templates included

    Easily create Facebook, iOS, Android Messaging, Whatsapp or Skype conversations with great attention to platform specifics.

    You can even use the script without our after effects file to create a conversation that does not need the UI of these apps mentioned above.

    Video tutorial included and lighting fast support (all our support to customers was within hours, even minutes).

    Technical Description

    Although we aimed for simplicity, you will be able to create your first conversation in SECONDS, not minutes…seconds.

    Videohive Text Message Generator 21047947 Free Download

    Features of Videohive Text Message Generator 21047947 Free Download

    • Scroll down messages
    • Conversation width
    • Message gap
    • Sender name gap
    • Bubble roundness
    • Bubble vertical padding
    • Bubble horizontal padding
    • Right message color
    • Left message color
    • Right message text color
    • Left message text color
    • Show avatar
    • Show bubble tail
    • Avatar size
    • Timestamp position
    • Sender name position
    • Message text position
    • and many more…
    Last Update
    Created 6 December 17
    After Effects Version CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2016, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5
    Universal Expressions Yes
    Resolution Resizable
    File Size 3.16MB

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