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    Vellichor Film & Wedding LUT pack Win Mac Free Download Overview

    Compatibility: After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Resolve, Final Cut Pro X and etc..Are you looking for that filmic and analog look to your footage with a single click? This pack includes 9 different presets for video (luts) to achieve different filmic and analog looks, with any Rec 709 profile, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony’s Cine4 or Panasonic profiles. Does not include any Slog feature, so it may need tweaking when using with any flat profile. If you’re a Samsung NX1 user, the prefered settings for this pack are : Gamma norm | Master Black level 7 | Luminance 16-237 | Smart Range + ON | Saturation -4 | Cotnrast -4 | Sharpness – 10.
    Vellichor Film & Wedding LUT pack Win Mac Free Download

    Features of Vellichor Film & Wedding LUT pack Win Mac Free Download

    The 9 luts included here are :
    Greenleaf –  Low contrast, low saturation look, perfect for moody scenes (the video was fully graded with this lut alone).
    Porto – Low contrast, faded tobacco look, with a brown tinted shadows.
    Lisbon – High fade look, perfect for cityscapes
    Blacklake – High contrast faded look, black and white
    Aspen – Soft, low contrast look, perfect for skin tones.
    Denver – High contrast look, perfect for city and urban footage
    Landscape – High saturation, ideal for landscapes
    Lighthouse – High saturation, low contrast for various applications

    Vellichor Film & Wedding LUT pack

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