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    The Foundry Kronos 5.0v4 for AE Free Download Overview

    KRONOS offers Hollywood quality CUDA GPU accelerated retiming, based on our Academy Award®-winning FURNACE algorithms. Use KRONOS for retiming, speed-ramping, time-remapping and slow motion effects, plus the addition of realistic motion blur.

    Blink: Real-time CUDA acceleration

    The Foundry Kronos 5.0v4 for AE Free Download

    Features of The Foundry Kronos 5.0v4 for AE Free Download

    KRONOS 5.0 was the first product to use our ground breaking Blink technology. Blink is the framework which translates our algorithms to run on your GPU, in this case, utilizing NVidia’s CUDA technology. For more information on Blink, including an exclusive look at it running faster than real-time on NVidia’s Fermi generation of hardware, check out the articles at CGSociety and Vizworld.
    Quality and performance
    To create slow motion, new frames have to be generated. Just repeating frames results in very poor quality output with blurring and stuttering, and motion vector techniques have traditionally been very slow to render.
    KRONOS produces far superior results by creating brand new frames using optical flow/motion estimation, and at incredibly high speed thanks to its ability to utilize your NVidia GPU for offloading processing.
    Optical-flow engine
    KRONOS uses clever maths to look at every pixel on each frame, tracking where it moves to on the next. By comparing the two, it estimates what would appear in-between, allowing the creation of additional frames and a super smooth slow-motion result. This knowledge also allows KRONOS to add high motion blur to your clip based on the movement of objects within it. Inside KRONOS we have isolated this ability as a separate plug-in, Motionblur. Both KRONOS and Motionblur operate in full range float, to preserve your super-white and super-black pixel information.

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