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    PFTrack 2017 Overview

    PFTrack enables computer generated effects to be matched with film or video sequences no matter what their resolution. PFTrack is also a suite of analysis technologies designed to extract both detailed camera information and pixel motion data from video and film sequences and allow this data to be fully utilized within a post-production environment.

    PFTrack 2017 free download


    Features of PFTrack 2017 :

    All PFDepth nodes are now fully integrated and available in PFTrack

    • Many more ways to create and manipulate depth maps:
      • Updated Z-Depth Solver node
      • Z-Depth Tracker, Merge, Edit, Filter, Composite and Cache nodes
      • Z-Depth Object node
      • Rotoscope-based depth editing
      • Ideal tool to prepare clips for z-based compositing
    • Extended stereo camera and image pipeline:
      • Build Stereo Camera node to automatically position the right-eye camera after tracking the left-eye
      • Stereo Disparity Solver, Disparity Adjust and Disparity-to-Depth conversion nodes
      • Fix common issues such as stereo keystone alignment and left/right-eye colour and focus mismatches
      • Render left and right-eye images from a single clip using Z-Depth data
      • more….

    System Requirements For PFTrack 2017

    windows logo Windows Xp | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [64-bit]

    Languages: Multilingual

    (SIZE: 68.5 MB)

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