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    Evil Twin Stereo 3d V1.0.2 for After Effects Free Download Overview

    Work in Stereo 3D without compromise. If you can do it in 2D, Evil Twin can do it in stereoscopic 3D.
    Evil Twin Stereo 3D is a complete stereo workflow tool to help you move seamlessly between traditional 2D compositing and stereoscopic 3D. It uses a deep-level, but minimalist paradigm so that any compositing technique, effect, or plugin you already depend on can be quickly adapted to stereo 3D using the tools provided. As a matter of principle, Evil Twin does this with the least possible interference on the original creative work. Whether working with stereo footage, 3D plugins and cameras or adding stereo to 2D source material – It’s a lifesaver for those who’ve already mastered compositing techniques and want to keep it that way when they journey into the stereoscopic realm.
    Evil Twin Stereo 3d V1.0.2 for After Effects Free Download

    Features of Evil Twin Stereo 3d V1.0.2 for After Effects Free Download

    • One-click creation/update of Right comp. Evil Twin takes care of all the repetitive grunt work.
    • Visual paradigm: Stereoscopic properties controlled by observation or numerically.
    • Ideal workflow for rendered S3D footage and artwork.
    • Can be used to add S3D to monoscopic graphics.
    • Control EVERYTHING from inside the Left comp. No need to open the Right comp.
    • Compatible with any After Effects compositing technique: If you can do it 2D, Evil Twin can do it in S3D.
    • Anaglyph 3D viewing in the Left comp. No need for extra viewer comp.
    • Wiggle function to quickly flip back and forth between Left and Right (quick way to see color differences and/or stereo depth without glasses).
    • Special stereoscopic mattes that can break into the stereoscopic space (not confined to a single 2.5D plane). Perfect for S3D keying, roto, rig removal, and adjustment layers.
    • Live-link any property to its stereo twin for instant feedback or real-time editing in S3D.
    • Dedicated S3D viewer comp with enhanced stereo formatting options on demand (for external 3D displays and projectors). More flexible options than stock 3D Glasses effect.
    • Allows you to upgrade a 2D project into S3D without repeating work. Can exchange between compositor and S3D specialist.
    • Adapt and fine tune Evil Twin’s behaviour for different contexts using layer and comp comment tags (e.g “no_evil” layer comment means use same footage in both eyes).
    • Do it all without compromising your pre-existing work on the Left comp…
    • Simple, robust, esay to use Stereo 3D Camera Rig that works seamlessliy with the workflow.



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