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    DUIK AE Script Free Download Overview

    The comprehensive rigging and animation tool set for After Effects!

    DUIK AE Script Free Download

    Features of DUIK AE Script Free Download

    This tool is essential in many cases – to animate a character, especially for a walk, a run; to animate mechanical processes of any kind, etc. – inverse kinematics implied the use of very complex trigonometrical expressions in After Effects (see Dan Ebberts‘s expressions). Duik automates this creation process to allow you to focus on the animation! A simple controller at the end of an arm, of a leg, or on the shoulders, an IK that you created in one clic, now you can animate the entire limb just by modifying the position of the hand or the foot!

    Bones are layers which replace puppet pins in After Effects. Created in a single click, they can be parented and be controlled by IK’s. You can reproduce the exact same methods like for the rigging of characters in 3D, but in After Effects. The puppet acts like with skinning, and Duik fills out the setup!

    • libDuik: Duik is now based on the new library libDuik which contains all of Duik functions, and other useful tools for developpers.
    Being free software, as Duik, you can include it in your own scripts (as long as you release them under the same license, as a non-commercial software) and use all Duik functions very easily.
    • Autorig: Duik 15 includes a brand new autorig, able to rig bipeds and quadrupeds of any kind (as long as they are vertebrates) and even birds and fishes.
    • UI: The User Interface of Duik has been completely redesigned, to make it easier to understand and quicker to use.
    • New automations: Randomize, Paint Group and Paint Rig, Move Away, Blink, Cel animation, Exposure tools, Time remap…
    • Camera tools: To ease manipulating the cameras, the camera tool set has been greatly improved.
    • 3-layer IK
    • Bezier IK
    • And lots of other new features…

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