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    Astute Graphics Phantasm 3.2.4 for Adobe Illustrator Free Download Overview

    Color control like Photoshop’s in IllustratorVector HalftonesQuickly create a 100% scalable halftone effect based on any underlying artwork. Includes the user defined presets: monochrome/CMYK/sampled colors, grid angle, dpi, undercoat and origin. As well as user defined ‘dot’ presets of: circular/square/line/text/characters/symbol, angle, blend and dot gain curves. Can be applied to layer prior to drawing. Halftones are particularly useful for posters through to T-shirt design and security printing.

    Astute Graphics Phantasm 3.2.4 for Adobe Illustrator Free Download

    Features of Astute Graphics Phantasm 3.2.4 for Adobe Illustrator Free Download

    Including monotone, tritone and quadtone. Directly compatible and interchangeable Photoshop settings.

    Color Adjustments
    Essential adjustments like you would find in Photoshop including the following: brightness/contrast, curves, desaturate, exposure, hue/saturation, invert, levels, shift to color, temperature/tint. Curves interface (just like Photoshop!). Works on vectors, text and embedded images. Live preview. Load and export settings with Photoshop.

    Live Effects or Filters
    All Phantasm adjustments can be applied as either live Effects or as Filters to suit your workflow. Applying adjustments as a live Effect will allow you to toggle the Effect on/off via the Appearance Panel. Can be applied to other live Effects such as drop shadows and textures found in our other plug-ins Stylism and Texturino. Or choose to apply Phantasm adjustments as a Filter to allow you to make permanent adjustments allowing for easy automation, including batch processing through standard Illustrator actions to instantly replicate adjustments. Phantasm live Effect and Filters work for vectors, text and embedded images.

    Automate with Actions
    Let Phantasm task the strain with repetitive tasks using Adobe Illustrator’s Actions mechanism. Whether creating sets of artistic results (eg. color variations) or ensuring quality with pre-press technical adjustments (eg. remove white overprint), Actions are easy to create and play back

    Night City - Phantasm Adobe Illustrator plug-in example artwork by Iaroslav Lazunov

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